Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 7.00pm

Training Info

From Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm and on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6.00pm to 8.00 pm.

Bodycode System® and Gyrotonic® private, semiprivate and group lessons are open to everyone without any age limit and are accessible only after registration and by appointment.

Every lesson is 60 minutes long and is held by highly qualified trainers with long experience.

The lessons take place in bright, airy environment accompanied by a gentle background music, where the rule of silence means respect to others.


Some responses to the frequent questions:

How often during the week is recommended to frequent?

At the beginning of this particular work on the body is recommended to start with few private lessons which can be replaced approx. after the 10 lessons by the second of the phases which are the lessons SEMIPRIVATE.

The first private lessons have a profound importance for the teacher because on the  base of these can get important informations for elaborating the specific training program aimed at individual needs.

It is necessary to participate at least 2 times a week at the beginning to absorb the principles of the technique and the program.

The private lessons least 60 minutes with a constant assistants of the teacher.

In case the “student” has the difficulties to memorize the part, to practise it correctly and to use the machines (equipment) self-sufficiently, should continue with the private lessons.

In this phase of the course the teacher can decide to add also a short massage.

What do the lessons SEMIPRIVATE consist of and when I can start with them? 

The number of the lessons SEMIPRIVATE, before the passage to the group lessons,  depends of the physical capacities and conditions  of the student.

The lessons SEMIPRIVATE  are indicated to a persons who are able to manage the machines almost self-sufficiently and still need partial assistance of the teacher.

The lessons SEMIPRIVATE least 60 minutes with the partial assistance of the teacher who follows more students in the same time.

The massage is not included.

Can I start with a group lessons?

To reach the sufficient results it is necessary to know how to apply the technique of the training, for this reason it is important to participate in preliminary lessons therefore all of these who have participated in the precedent preliminary 2 phases can continue with the group lessons.

Group lessons are only for these who got the complete auto capability. To increase and retain reached results it is necessary to continue to participate in the lessons at least 1 time a week still under the supervision of the teacher who comes to help every time when necessary.

Group lessons least 60 minutes. In case the student should suspend the participation in the lessons for the period during which could forget the program of the training or important details how to exercise correctly, has to attend again one or few more private lessons to be able to restart with group lessons.

When am I able to reach desired results?

The results depend on physical conditions, on the effort and on the frequence at the  lessons. The results are also consequence of a little objectives that are noticeable only who created the body sensibility. Anyway the first results are more than evident after few lessons which are notable by major flexibility due to exercise of the tense muscles   tendons!!!! with major capacity to correct the posture, with major consciousness and the capacity to breathe and the sense of lightness.

The persons who have the major experience and knowledge of proper body feel much faster the results or our work and also they are able to keep it longer. It is important to know also that the results of any physical activity last and can increase only if they are followed !!!rules of healthy stile of life.

Does this exercise have the impact on toning of the muscles?

Of course! The aesthetic results are visible after the constant practising and adequate nutriment: !!! Firming of gluteus  and the femurs, toning of abdomen and arms, a major force and resistance and what more, correct and elegant posture.

I do not exercise for a long time! Do I need to be in form to practice this kind of exercises?

It is not necessary to be in form. It does not matter at what age you start, if you are in form or not. It is never too late to construct healthy and functional body.

The objective is to start to understand your-self and your body –  profound physical consciousness will let you understand faster the physical changes due to this hard work aimed at stability and recovering correct motorial functions.

From that moment you can get the capacity of the elegant and functional posture and to recognise the right movements from those wrong ones.

I am not in form and I never practised any physical activity. Should be this kind of exercise the right thing for me in my age?

The international medical world founded the !!!! Sedentary as real and proper pathology, caused by many illness as osteoporosis. That is why it is  necessary in every age to start to move yourself even if it is a little bit hard.

We know that to get the knowledge of your body, to keep healthy stile of life and to keep good state of mind is not easy, that it is a long and hard way and not everyone is able to face it. However, all of us desire to stay well , someone more, someone less, someone earlier, someone later, someone for one reason, someone for different one, all of us have at least one time in our lives the occasion to take care of ourselves.

It is only our decision!

I have shoulder ache, knee ache and I dose analgesics, how much time I need to resolve these problems?

To decrease the pain, modify incorrect posture, correct wrong movements, increase the force and the resistance, improve stability, to have a control of the body in the !!!static or dynamic situations, demand a lot of time, effort and above all patience.

A lot of us start to resolve the physical problems caused by the pain after many years it appears, that is why the results cannot immediate.

Today’s mentality predominate a view to get everything immediately avoiding efforts and toil. Some of the objectives, commonly these more important for its  nature, can be reached only gradually, step by step, without stress and with constant effort.

There are objectives which demand to develop new abilities or to transform the parts of yourself and so win many !!!resistances. All of this can happened only with a lot of patience and effort. The reached results got this way will give you more satisfaction than those got easily. Well-being (well-ness) is the physical form, it is a fruit of the personal battle which can be retain by the healthy stile of life.

It is important to understand that the pain is the warning of our body that something does not go well. To dose analgesics does not resolve the problem but  postpones it.

Earlier when the pharmaceuticals was not so elaborated and so expanded, population was divided into healthy persons and ill persons, the pain was the sign of illness. Recently, with invasion of the pharmaceuticals “do-it-yourself” was created new “division” – ill persons convinced they are healthy.

Absence of pain is not absence of illness but retreat the care.

Well-being (well-ness) you do not buy…… earn it.

I had an accident and I need rehabilitation of a limb. This kind of activity is suitable?

For years our techniques of exercises and rehabilitation  are used by  the doctor specialists with whose  we collaborate and whose put them into practice in many centres for rehabilitation.

We suggest to effect the first phase of the rehabilitation in a medical centre while our method is indicated for the last phase where you need to earn the total………….and equilibrate the structure of the skeletal muscle which suffered with imbalance.

Moreover our method is mainly applicable for the cases where the old deprived injury  evoke pain and postural problems.

After our principals is very important to get the results and also in the same time everything you learn during the period of rehabilitation.

Very often happens that the injury is the right impulse which we expected to start to take care of ourselves seriously and to precede another possible injury.

Why are the prices higher than in traditional fitness?

Our prices seem higher only in the superficial view. The fact is that no one is surprised at the difference of the  prices which you can find in the great storehouse or in the specialized shop supplied with goods in the centre of the city.

In the first case we find the goods of industrial production , constructed in the series with materials at a chip rate. In the second case we find high level quality services, the well packed products from  the best materials.

The same situation is in our centres, where we use specialized equipment, the instructors and experts are highly qualified and are able to suggest and elaborate individual programs.

Every client gets continuous attention and will be accompanied with maximum care through his stay in our centres.

Anyhow all our activities proposed by us are the fruit of long experience in the sector.

Do not trust the things of low cost.

What costs a little last a little while……

We believe that human body is the ideal place to spend our life…..and you????

I study dancing and I would like to improve my physical and aesthetic capacities. How can this activity can help me?

This kind of activity is well known by the professionals ballet-dancers / dancers in all over the world for more than 20 years. It is a real “panacea” to rebalance and equilibrate the physical structure, eliminate eventual pains, which let you to improve physical and aesthetic functions.

This activity is especially useful for those who dance, our techniques guarantee rapid improvement of biomechanics that are evident at:

major rotation and opening of legs, “back” more strong and flexible, major “deflection” of the huckle-bone and “sole”, a ray of the movement wider and controlled and many more.

I do not have time!

Is it enough to participate in the lessons one time a week to be in form?

We suggest two or three hours in a week above all as an impute to face with a consciousness the rest of 165 hours and also to receive a valid instrument for verifying  and modifying bad habits.

There are many factors which can suddenly evoke some problems that can endanger our health that is why we have to exercise every day a little bit also at home and to pay attention to a bad habits: as supine position during the sleep as the quality of the mattress, as the wrong posture while seated as the way of walking and also the type of the shoe more suitable as well as the wrong way of masticating can evoke the pain.

In the world where every day competition  takes a part of our lives, where only the firsts are valuated is important to recognise the importance to crop space for ourselves, away from the stress and to remember that in the contest of the life wins the one who arrives as the last!

On a measure of the valuations from one to ten is only our decision where to place out health.

I am non young anymore and I suffer for a long time from change of mood, can be good for me this kind of exercise?

For a long time we collaborate with geriatrists, psychiatrists e psychologists which recommend out method to their patients. The results are surprising!

The fact is that in these cases is more difficult to find a force, energy  and courage to begin, our unique method helps to impropriate deprived parts of the body and due to increasing of muscular and breathing activity you feel better as physically as mentally, you will get the self respect and will meliorate of your mood.

Why you request quiet during the training?

The right atmosphere in the place of work is fundamental to be able to concentrate yourself, exercise correctly and do not disturb the other “students” (the one who is training)  On the top of, our philosophy  helped us to realize the special atmosphere using the principals as musical therapy, “chrome” therapy e aroma therapy.

It is known that some kind of music, some special colours and odours can cause discomforts.

Therefore the silence or quiet and relaxing music with fine colours and natural perfumes are the essential conditions keep your mind and body well.

What are the principals on which is constructed (based) you work?

Our philosophy begins from the principal that well-being is the basic part of being e non dell’ appear, a person that is healthy is also beautiful.

To identify ourselves better and better is a long way and constant battle which demand our total participation.

Art of being, science of well-being

To retrieve serenity and harmony, stability and well-being.

To retrieve the lost lightness during the daily duties.

The art of being starts here!

It is important to concrete that our activity is not sport activity even if the main protagonist is our body but in the matter of fact it is the auto analysis to improve physical conditions, to keep our excellent health and identify ourselves profoundly. Here breeds the capacity of knowledge of a language of our body and capacity to translate the proper body-talk.

Let put on some more years to our life!

Is this kind of exercise a sport activity?

It is quite common to confuse sport activity and that physical.

It is enough to say that at schools recently during the lessons of physical training the boys and girls play basketball, volleyball, football…..

Sport education should be a comity of earning and practising of a precise movement schemes  which characterize every “sport segment .  While the physical activity should be a comity as the knowledge and consciousness of proper body in the static and dynamic conditions.”

Therefore the physical activity  that we instruct cannot be called a sport but the real theory of the body.

The knowledge is the mother of the consciousness – both of them are instruments how to get stay well (well-being)!

Who frequent your centres?

The major part of our clients that frequent our centres are adults who never practised any physical activity and they do not identify themselves in the regular fitness. Whether for the great and spread space or for the majority of those that are fixed with the look and the fashion whether for the activity that is not suitable for the persons in certain age or for absence of individual assistance.

These persons feel better in the ambient where they find individual spirit and personal contact and the philosophy of the work is aimed to human being and not ……., where you exercise in a small groups and the techniques of training are more suitable for them, the teachers – experts offers maximum of professionalism, liability, disposability and cordiality.

Our centre frequent different kinds of persons, from housewives who decided to be in form and despatch the pain, professional athlete who wants both reinforce the muscles and to elaborate his experience on a work of the body, layer that desire to keep the correct posture and to remove the pathology symptoms caused by his job, manager or private entrepreneur who want to resolve back ache, free his mind or play better golf, old person who asks to precede accidents and increase the proper auto sufficiency.

Athletes and professionals dancers have a great fun with the teachers during the training.

Major part of our clients are the well-educated persons used to use a brain, want to participate and know proper physical and mental well-being,  they trust our highly qualified instructors much more then the sophisticate and good looking machines.

They are persons that feel the necessity to learn profoundly about themselves, to face and overcome their limits in an intelligent and discreet way. Live healthy life in full reconciliation with themselves.

Who are the teachers that work in our centres?

The teachers that works in our centres are highly qualified persons not only because of the number of diplomas they have but first of all because of many years of hard work and experience under the supervision of the director and founder. The knowledge of our teachers is various and starts from biomechanics techniques, anatomy to massages with a particular sense of psychology.

The teachers participate few times a year on various courses to learn and improve new techniques and programs of training.

Using the personalized technique schedule relative to physical condition of each student, helps the teachers to verify and control continually  results and progresses of each student.

What is it BodyCode System®?

The BodyCode System® is the way how to move logically, in a simple and effective way. With a contribution of specially designed machines, we are able BodyCode System® to recognise all of the motoric difficulties caused by old injury, wrong posture and defects that appear due to movements with asymmetry, curvature which are not normally visible. In the first phase of searching/decodification of individual characteristics follows the second phase which is codification or another name reorganization and “learn again correct motoric schemas.”

Due to the progresses of the specific programs BodyCode System® allows to work on as analytic as creative spheres using specific muscle parts, involving every single articulation or the body  in a global view. Allows to reinforce the most weak parts and return the elasticity to those more tensed. Duo to the profound consciousness of proper body can be resolved possible problems caused by injury. You get the access to “sedentary” and wrong postural habits. The private lesson of BodyCode System® can contain one massage, the teacher decides  if it is necessary, if so decides the duration.

What is it Gyrotonic®?

After our philosophy even the training program Gyrotonic® is on the individual bases, we part from the physical dispositions, postural setting and possible motoric difficulties of the student/client. The Gyrotonic® is multidimensional method of training, force to involve and move every part of the body in a harmonic way due to various exercises with gradual level of difficulty. While you identificate yourself with the method and the machines, you can move yourself in an elegant, functional and expressive way. The private lesson of Gyrotonic® can contain one massage, the teacher decides  if it is necessary, if so decides the duration.