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The BodyCode System® is a method of evaluation and correction of movement patterns, conceived by Pino Carbone in the 90s after a long and careful practice and observation of the movement and its effects, tested in a thirty years  experience in the professional training field of athletes and dancers as well as in the rehabilitative activities.

BodyCode System® is based on knowledge of the osteoarticular system, on biomechanical laws, on a new conception of movement and on the use of special equipments.

The BodyCode System®, with its careful study of myofascial-skeletal imbalances and resulting compensatory effects, is able to act in a way that takes in the totality of the structure, restoring its balance.

The BodyCode System® has its theoretical roots in oriental traditions which, like acupuncture, yoga, Qigong and Feng Shui, are not limited to the physical body but have wide-ranging beneficial effects on the psychological well-being of the individual.

The BodyCode System® tells us that the path to good health cannot be found by looking at anatomy and physiology alone, but that motor action is a determining factor. This is why all BodyCode System® instructors are movement experts, who understand its full potential and are capable of decoding the complex movement patterns of each individual. This enables them to modify these movement patterns by means of specific exercise programs that, as they correct and improve movement, result in improved functioning of the whole body.