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Gyrotonic® for everyone
Daily life imposes upon us evermore frenetic rhythms, running behind time and being chased by it. The responsibilities of a job or a family are more and more demanding and tend to make us forget about our deepest needs. Gradually we get to the point where we don’t recognize the messages that our body continuously sends to us and eventually become ill from a sedentary life. Yes, it’s a fact! A sedentary life is really recognised as a pathology and its symptoms are evident: joint pain, headache, swollen legs, tiredness and nervousness, even to the point of depression. For just a few good years life bestows on us the gift of youth; and elasticity, muscle tone, optimism and vitality are the wonderful attributes with which we recognize it. The GXS® method allows us to maintain the efficiency of these attributes beyond our chronological age, with the help of an exercise program that enables us to reach a new freedom in movement without excess fatigue. In fact, this psychophysical discipline teaches us to develop flexibility, strength, dynamics and concentration capacity, rediscovering the joy of having an active and energetic body at any age while helping us to lesson the chances of depression. With the Gyrotonic® method we are able to discipline our body in such a way that it becomes the best place to spend our life.

Gyrotonic® for dancers
The Gyrotonic® Expansion System was created by a dancer for dancers, to train and strengthen the unique muscle activity involved in dance.
Special attention is dedicated to the improvement of the correct biomechanics of the joints, in particular the spine. One can experience increase in the range of movements as well as in the “en-dehors”, balance and coordination. The synchronization of breathing helps to attain fluidity, harmony and elegance in the very specific movement patterns required in dance. Many famous dancers worldwide use the GXS® to prevent injuries and improve their technique.

Gyrotonic® for sports
The Gyrotonic® Expansion System is an ideal program for every sportsman. Its benefits extend from increased proprioceptivity to muscle, tendon and ligament elasticity as well as physical efficiency and stamina. From this derives a better control of the posture in static and dynamic situations, a very important factor in the practise of any sport. Athletes who have benefited from the GXS® include football, baseball, hockey and tennis players, gymnasts, runners, cyclists and others.

Gyrotonic® for golf
The Gyrotonic® Expansion System is very suited for golf players because of its particular use of the spine. It is of common knowledge that a strong and flexible back having correct biomechanics is more efficient and enables a player to acquire a more ample and dynamic “swing”. The concentration and the breathing techniques involved in the practise of the GXS® help the golfer to increase his capacity to analyse and find the inner calm which is needed to succeed in this sport.

Gyrotonic® for children
Also the very young can benefit from the Gyrotonic® technique.
The extensive work with children, who have presented precocious growth, scoliosis or incorrect postural tendencies has produced many positive results.
This method teaches the correct use of the body, encouraging natural flexibility, improving coordination and strengthening the muscles while allowing the child’s structure to grow correctly. Therefore, this global work helps to prevent injuries and illnesses. Furthermore the study of GXS® increases the concentration and the capacity of self-reflection, which allows the child to be more sensitive towards receiving and understanding his body’s messages. This improved perception of his body results in heightened confidence and self-esteem.

Gyrotonic® for seniors
It is universally recognised in geriatrics that the importance of a correct posture and efficient motor coordination is particularly important for seniors. The Gyrotonic® Expansion System takes into consideration one’s biological age and not one’s chronological age, therefore the exercise programs established are in accordance with the individual’s present physical condition. While practising the Gyrotonic® Expansion System one obtains optimum results in reducing back and joint pain in general. Increasing muscle tone and proprioceptivity, correcting the posture and balance, improving coordination and stability, the senior may better handle the space around him and restore his self-confidence.

Prevention and rehabilitation
Anyone with an injury who dedicates himself to the practise of sports, dance or any other physical activity, must be judged not only as an athlete or dancer, but most of all as a human being, taking into consideration his character as well as motor difficulties connected to anxieties or fears which in many occasions a trauma may bring one to reveal. These are the basic concepts on which the principals of rehabilitation in our center are founded on. It is recognized that any discipline that facilitates self-awareness, using breathing in a complete and intense way, contributes towards heightened body expression and is an optimum aid for overcoming psychological barriers and reducing stiffness caused by physical trauma. Any injury breaks a balance and emphasizes all the above mentioned dynamics. Moreover, it is important to remember that not only athletes or dancers may benefit from this particular rehabilitation method but also the common less active person who may be stressed by the rhythms of a daily routine. To prevent an accident or to rehabilitate in our center brings one towards the joyful rediscovery of his movement capacities, self-awareness and hidden capabilities. These are the first steps towards recognizing ourselves as an individual, consolidating our self-consciousness and reducing the possibility of the distractions that may bring us to an injury.

Juliu Horvath and the Gyrotonic® Expansion System
Juliu Horvath was born in Romania. A gymnast, swimmer and principal ballet dancer, he defected to the U.S.A. in the 1970s where he continued his artistic career at the “N.Y.C. Opera Ballet”. In 1975 he decided to retire from the stage to widen his knowledge of Yoga. During the next 6 years, while drawing from his previous experiences, he began developing a new style of Yoga, especially designed for dancers and currently practised all over the world. The following step was the invention and the patenting of his unique exercise equipment. Entirely made of wood, they are an excellent means of support for those who study Yoga, Dance, Tai-Chi, Gymnastics and Swimming. In the 80s the Gyrotonic® Expansion System was created and in 1991 Juliu was awarded a medal at the “International Invention Convention” in Pittsburgh U.S.A.
For the past twenty years the GXS® has proved itself to be a method which is capable of developing the physical potentials of not only athletes and dancers, but of any individual who desires to acquire a deeper knowledge of his body. The exercises, which are synchronized with breathing, increase lung capacity, help augment the body’s flexibility, joint articulation, blood circulation, neuromuscular coordination, stamina, and balance.