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Holistic Massage

The holism in medicine represents a “global health”, the union of mind, body, environment and society. The pursuit of health is directed to the person and not the disease, the cause and not the symptom, and not the system organ, rebalancing instead of the care, stimulating the natural healing process of the body.

Holistic massage is defined as a method of gentle massage aimed at bringing relief and stimulate the natural process of balancing energy meridians, the energy channels known of oriental medicine. The massage acts mainly on the emotional stress and muscle tension, with particular attention to the relationship between the mind and the body. The mind indeed is found located in particular areas of the body: shoulders lurks anger and accumulates in the chest while in the kidneys and lower back lurks the fear. The peculiarity of holistic massage is this emotional stimulus.

The massage therapist approach is personalized: the operator adapts the techniques according to the needs of the subject. Normally, it start with a generalized treatment throughout the body. Next, they melt the tension, using specific maneuvers, even using some oils.



Shiatsu is a manual treatment technique that has its roots in the ancient forms of traditional oriental massage but it is characterized by static pressures brought by the operator on the recipient’s body.

The Operator treats all parts of the body (back, legs, arms, abdomen, neck and head) according to the most needy areas and trails of Energy, bringing the slow and gradual pressure with the palms of hands, thumbs, and sometimes even with forearms and elbows. The pressure, always respectful of the energetic condition of the recipient, enter the depth, producing a stimulus to which the person’s body responds treated, recovering the full expression of their vital resources, stimulating the self-regulating body processes and thus inducing a better life quality.



Reiki is a method of Spirit awakening, personal growth and a self-healing system discovered in Japan in 1920 by Mikao Usui Sensei thanks to an intense meditative experience and enlightenment.

The energy is channeled through the hands of those who practice Reiki discipline, and tends to flow naturally into your body at the points where it is most needed. The primary benefit draws him first the body that is educated or re-educated to promptly activate its natural healing process, and it will also benefit the psychic and mental sphere that will immediately more relaxed and calm.

Reiki is able to identify the causes of physical and psychological blocks infusing energy and well-being and, in addition to being a technique no contraindications, it is able to assist and support any therapy and traditional medicine and natural treatment and repair with incredible speed l ‘original harmony and balance of the individual.



Osteopathy is based on considering the human being as a unity of body, mind and spirit, and every single part of the body is able to interact with the set through movement.

Through its assessment (analysis of posture and palpation) can identify any disorders that need work with manual techniques that can correct imbalances and restore the physiological conditions of movement and therefore health.

While not using drugs, natural remedies and electro medical or instruments, through the manipulation of the tissues, the osteopath is able to trigger the self-healing processes of the body which is naturally equipped.

Disturbances on which osteopathy can act affecting the neuro-musculoskeletal system, cranio-sacral and visceral and in addition to being a valuable contribution and support in the treatment of many diseases, osteopathy also proves effective in the prevention and maintenance of health status.