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Studio Il Vortice

of Pino Carbone

since 1988 at the root of well-being


The studio

Studio Il Vortice, directed by Pino Carbone and Ivana Chiaravalloti, was born in Florence in 1988. First Gyrotonic® center in Europe, it boasts the longest consecutive history of this method in the world and it is also the headquarters where the BodyCode System was born. ®.

Il Vortice carries out constant research and study to offer its customers more and more avant-garde techniques aimed at educating to a healthy lifestyle and instilling an ever greater sense of well-being.



Why choose Il Vortice

High level of professionalism, over thirty years of experience and a quick identification of any physical problems

The tranquility of an oasis of peace in the heart of the historic center of Florence where with a delicate background music the rule of silence is in force in a bright space equipped with unique and precious equipment.

Hospitable welcome, warm and familiar atmosphere, friendliness of the staff predisposed to assistance and empathy.

The safe and immediate results that can be achieved even after the first lesson thanks to the multi-functional programs customized and studied ad hoc.



The Gyrotonic® method allows us through a program of circular exercises and the use of special wooden equipment is able to make us reach a good freedom of movement without excessive effort or excessive fatigue.


The BodyCode® method is based on knowledge of the osteo-articular system, biomechanical laws, a new concept of movement and the use of special equipment with the aim of restoring correct body geometry and an elegant and functional posture.


The massage proposed by Pino Carbone is the result of over 30 years of practice and research and has its origins in the traditional Japanese Shatzu, the traditional Chinese Tui Na, Thai massage and Swedish sports massage.

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"... After years of pain I have managed to get better, indeed well and I can only say thank you."

Donatella Boattini



The Studio Il Vortice is equipped with the best technologies including a system useful for detoxification and ionic chelation of the organism, a non-invasive method in which the person expels waste substances, free radicals, from the body's tissues bringing it back into balance thanks to large quantities of oxygen and negative ions available from the water that benefit cells, organs, viscera and glands, which are perfused and oxygenated through the bloodstream.


Pino Carbone is constantly active in holding training courses and seminars of the Bodycode Method for professionals in the sector: physiotherapists, trainers, coaches, dance teachers, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, etc ..

During the year, on holidays and in the summer period, Maestro Carbone holds themed workshops aimed at: dancers, students and professionals, and athletes who wish to improve the potential of the body and acquire important information to progress in technique and prevent injuries.

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