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The BodyCode® method is a method of evaluation and correction of motor patterns, conceived by Pino Carbone in the 90s after a long and careful practice and observation of movement and its effects, tested in thirty years of experience in the field of training. professional of athletes and dancers as well as in the field of motor and re-educational activities.The BodyCode® method is based on the knowledge of the osteo-articular system, on the biomechanical laws, on a new concept of movement and on the use of particular equipment. to all that the movement coordinated and controlled by the nervous system takes place in the structures.

Muscles and tendons activate the bones, which are articulated to each other by means of cartilages and ligaments. The rest of the body is integral thanks to the bundles whose tensions give the body the changing shapes it assumes in relation to the movements performed. Any change in the position of the structures of one extremity of the body, which is regulated by biomechanical laws akin to the laws of physics, affects the other extremity. It is above all the movement that acts on the structures, defining the framework constituted by the myo-bundle-skeletal system as structure. If the movement of a joint is disturbed, this determines repercussions on the connective tissue with continuity, because the characteristic of man to move in an upright position involves extremely meticulous interventions of adaptation of the balances. other joints undergo alterations in their functionality and here we fall into the pathological sphere.

The BodyCode® method, thanks to a careful evaluation of the myo-bundle-skeletal imbalances and the consequent compensations, intervenes through a path that acts on the totality of the structure, rebalancing it.
The theories of the BodyCode® method have oriental roots and are similar to those of acupuncture, yoga, Qi Gong and Feng Shui and are not limited to physical mass, but also have largely positive effects on the psychological sphere of the individual.
Many think they know perfectly the organization of the skeleton without being aware that, behind the anatomy and physiology of the joints, there is a functional reality that connects them to the totality of our organism.
The BodyCode® maintains that it is not enough to study anatomy as physiology to deduce the laws of good health and, indeed, it believes that motor action is a determining factor; this is why the teachers of the BodyCode® method are experts in movement, they know its potential, they are able to decode the complex motor patterns of each individual and, therefore, to modify them through a specific exercise program that corrects, improves movement and consequently the functionality of the whole body.

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