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Daily life imposes on us increasingly frenetic rhythms, chasing time and being chased by it. The responsibilities of a job or a family are becoming more and more pressing until we forget our deep needs. Slowly we no longer recognize the messages that our body continually sends us, becoming ill with a sedentary lifestyle. That's right! Sedentary lifestyle is now recognized as a real disease and the symptoms are evident: joint pain, headache, leg swelling, fatigue and exhaustion up to depression. For a few splendid years, youth is a gift of nature, elasticity, muscle tone, optimism, vitality are the attributes with which we recognize it.

The Gyrotonic® method allows us to keep them efficient beyond the registry office, through an exercise program capable of making us reach a new freedom of movement without excessive effort or fatigue. This psychophysical discipline teaches, in fact, to develop flexibility, strength, dynamism, ability to concentrate, rediscovering the joy of an active and energetic body at any age and helps to remove the shadow of depression.

Gyrotonic® for dancers

The Gyrotonic ® technique was invented by a dancer for dancers, in order to train and strengthen those specific muscle and joint groups of dance. Particular attention is paid to the correct bio-mechanics of the joints and the spine. By increasing the elasticity, strength, range of movements, "the en-dehors", and improving posture, balance and coordination. The synchronized use of breathing gives fluidity, harmony and elegance to the movements. Among the best dancers in the world, they constantly use the Gyrotonic ® method to prevent injuries and perfect their technique.


Gyrotonic® for sport

The Girotonic® method is an ideal exercise system for every sportsman. The benefits are multiple and extend to greater proprioception, muscle efficiency, tendon-ligamentous elasticity and resistance to fatigue. Hence a better control of posture in static and dynamic conditions, very important factors in the practice of any sport. Athletes who have drawn and benefit from this technique include football, baseball, hockey and tennis players, gymnasts, cyclists, runners and others.

Gyrotonic® for golf

The Gyrotonic® Expansion Method is particularly suitable for golfers since its action on the spine is of great importance. It is clear that a flexible and strong back, which has a correct bio-mechanics, is more efficient and can guarantee a "swing" ”Wider and more dynamic. The concentration, the breathing techniques integrated in the Gyrotonic® method, help the golfer to increase his ability to control and reflect and to find that inner serenity typical of champions.


Gyrotonic® for children

Even the youngest can learn the Gyrotonic® Technique and reap all the benefits. The experiences made with children who showed early growths, scoliosis or incorrect posture attitudes, have given excellent results.
The method teaches you how to make good use of your body, encourages its natural flexibility, improves coordination and strengthens muscles to grow structurally balanced and prevent accidents and illnesses. In addition, the practice of this technique increases the ability to concentrate and reflect giving children a better chance to perceive and translate the messages that the body transmits. A better perception and mastery of the body thus translates into greater security, confidence and self-esteem.

Gyrotonic® for the elderly

The importance of adequate postural control and efficient motor coordination is universally recognized in the elderly. The Gyrotonic® Expansion Method takes into account the biological age and not the chronological age of the individual, for this reason the training programs are set according to the real physical condition of the practitioners. With the Gyrotonic® method, excellent results are obtained in relieving pain in the spine and joints in general. Improving muscle tone, correcting incorrect postural attitudes, increasing proprioception, balance, coordination and stability are the elements that give the elderly the opportunity to remain self-sufficient to regain confidence, self-esteem and improve mood.

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Gyrotonic® for rehabilitation

Anyone who engages in the practice of a sport, dance or any other activity that involves movement and suffers an injury, before being looked at as an athlete or a dancer must be considered above all as a human being, with all the anxieties and motor difficulties related to one's character and personality and with all the fears and consequences that a physical trauma can reveal. These are the basic concepts on which rehabilitation in our center is based. It is now a fact recognized by experience, that any practice or teaching that facilitates a greater awareness, a deeper and more complete breathing, which contributes to achieving a more evolved bodily expression is the best help to overcome physical trauma and overcome those blocks of a psychological nature to these correlates. An injury, of whatever nature it may be, breaks a balance and emphasizes all the dynamics mentioned above. However, it is important to remember that not only the sportsman or the dancer can benefit from this particular rehabilitation method but also the common man, sedentary and stressed by the rhythm of everyday life. Preventing an injury or rehabilitating from it in our center leads to joyfully discovering one's own movement possibilities, awareness of one's body and one's hidden abilities. These are the first step in recognizing oneself as individuals, strengthening self-confidence and removing the danger of the alienations that led us to the accident.

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