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What is detoxification and ion chelation?

Ion detoxification promotes the expulsion of toxins, pollutants, waste and heavy metals from the body's cells.

The presence of these substances contributes to the functional deterioration of cells, tissues and organs. A cell free of toxins works best, as it is relieved by the biochemical and physical management of harmful substances.

For these reasons it is deduced that the benefit that can be drawn from ionic detoxification will be of a general type and customized according to individual needs and priorities in relation to the specific state of intoxication of the subject.

As an indication: the saline solution during the treatment can take on various colors to which different substances derived from the treatment could be bound, depending on the subjects.


What does he do?

The result is simple, demonstrable and irrefutable:

  • better blood oxygenation,

  • better tissue oxygenation,

  • better oxygenation of organs and viscera,

  • improves circulation,

  • improves blood pressure,

  • improves respiratory function,

  • improves glandular functions,

  • improves metabolism,

  • promotes the elimination of toxins,

  • promotes the elimination of heavy metals,

  • promotes the elimination of metals from dental amalgams,

  • promotes physical recovery after sports training,

  • promotes restful sleep,

  • promotes addiction to tobacco, alcohol, drugs and psychotropic drugs,

  • helps the immune system

Who is it for?

To all those who care about health and well-being!

Detoxification and ionic chelation of the body is particularly important in the recovery phase of dancers and athletes.

It acts on:

  • Joint system

  • Circulatory system

  • Organ drainage

  • Musculoskeletal system Skin blemishes

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The benefits

  • Improves the immune response in case of intolerances,

  • Improves the immune response in case of allergies,

  • The sense of well-being that is derived from it is immediate after the treatment and lasts throughout the day,

  • Vitality is significantly improved,

  • Recovery from psychophysical and / or environmental stress is greatly facilitated.

  • Recovery from intense physical activity is optimized,

  • The treatment can last depending on the choice of the subject from 10 minutes to half an hour or more.

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