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Studio Il Vortice

International Centre for BodyCode and Gyrotonic

The “Il Vortice” Centre – directed by Pino Carbone and Ivana Chiaravalloti – was founded in Florence in 1988; first Gyrotonic® center in Europe, it can boast the longest continuative tradition of this method and moreover it is the first BodyCode System® center in the world.

In these recent decades Il Vortice has gathered widespread support from professionals in the field of medicine, sports and dance from around the world and still avails of the collaboration of doctors and internationally renowned teachers. The preventive and therapeutic aspects of BodyCode® and Gyrotonic® techniques and the professionalism of the staff of the center have proved highly effective in many fields.

The experiences accumulated in almost thirty years of activity with neuro-impaired, paraplegics, blind, more depressed and postoperative functional recovery of athletes and internationally renowned dancers, have meant that Il Vortice would be recognized around the world as an important and innovative point of reference for the dance world and beyond.

Il Vortice, the first center of BodyCode® and Gyrotonic® in Europe, is specialized for the unique needs of the dancer by offering ever more innovative training programs in order to improve the aesthetic and biomechanical conditions, assisting him during a possible post traumatic rehabilitation phase.

In about thirty years of intense activity crowned by numerous successes, Il Vortice has been the destination of many show business personalities such as Sting, Katia Labèque, Alessio and Beatrice Carbone, Bridget Breiner, Eric Vu An, Mikko Nissinen, Renato Zanella, Alessandra Ferri and Roberto Bolle, frequent and passionate admirer of Bodycode® method.

The “Il Vortice” Centre conducts ongoing research and study to offer its members more and more advanced techniques to educate to a healthy lifestyle and instill a sense of increased well-being.

Training and refreshment courses are organized throughout the year in order to continuously update the trainers of the center and develop new therapeutic and training programs designed to restore proper function and posture, which is essential to prevent accidents and improve the quality of life.

“When a man is alive, his body is elastic and flexible; when he is dead, it is hard and rigid. The same happens to all the things. Trees and plants are soft and flexible, while they are growing, then they become fragile as soon as they die. So, to be hard and rigid means to go toward death; whereas, in order to live, it is sufficient to be soft and flexible.”

Free translation of a passage from the “TAO TE CHING”, a very ancient Chinese text

Four reasons to attend Il Vortice:

Reason 1

High level of professionalism, more than thirty years of experience and rapid detection of potential physical problems.

Reason 3

The quiet of an oasis of peace in the heart of the historic center of Florence where with a gentle background music is the rule of silence. A space lit by several large windows with unique and precious equipment.

Reason 2

Hospitable welcome, warm and friendly atmosphere, very friendly staff ready to care and to empathy.

Reason 4

The safe and immediate results that can be achieved even after the first lesson with custom multi-functional programs designed ad hoc by the founder of the center Prof. Pino Carbone and Ma Ivana Chiaravalloti, can induce anyone to a greater awareness of their physical condition and establish a strong sense of wellbeing.

Our staff

Pino Carbone
Pino Carbone
BodyCode, Gyrotonic, Yoga
Ivana Chiaravalloti
Ivana Chiaravalloti
BodyCode, Gyrotonic, Yoga
Marta Gallo
Marta Gallo

At Il Vortice I found my breath.

Bruna Lippi

I grew up, I have improved. I have matured in soul and graceful in the physical.

Cinzia Azzerboni

At Il Vortice I found a welcoming environment and expert people.

Luigi Vitiello

The real place to restore the body and … the spirit.

Manuela Gualtieri

A place of peace and solitude in company, feeling good as I become stronger.

Millicent Materassi

I learned the importance of silence that helps us to find the strength within us all.

Renzo Scaffei

At Il Vortice I found professionalism and my fitness.

Rosa Zotto

After years of pain I could feel better, or rather well and I can only say thanks.

Donatella Boattini

When you are in the right place all the problems disappear.

Francesco Fondelli

Quality not quantity, introspection, breath, discover their weaknesses. Questo è il Vortice.

Giovanna Focardi

Reached the intended purpose in the times, I have not gone away  for that perception of well-being that only the teachers are able to give.

Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo

I attend Il Vortice for decades, this place regenerates me, calms me, is really precious to me.

Giuseppina Anguillara

At Il Vortice I feel free, happier, more intelligent. I improve, my back pain has gone.

Lorenza Barengo